I'd like to help you get more interviews and better job offers.​

As a professional resume writer, I create compelling, achievement-based resumes for retail leaders from all across the United States and Canada, including regional managers, district managers, area managers, general managers, store managers, co-managers, assistant store managers, and department managers.

I've written resumes for thousands of clients since 2005 - many have advanced their careers in retail, while many others have used their new resume to transition to a wide range of industries and occupations.

I have 400+ written recommendations on LinkedIn from past clients (and a few recruiters). I've listed a few below - check out my LinkedIn profile and scroll down to the recommendation section for more.

If you'd like a quote for a new resume, a free assessment of your existing resume, or simply have a question or two, send me an email and ​I'll get back to you ASAP:


Mike Howard

Professional Resume Writer

Client Testimonials

I posted my resume two days ago, and I already have two interviews. The morning after I posted it, I had voicemails that literally said "Your resume is FANTASTIC, please call us." This was definitely money well spent.​

Store Manager, Ohio

...the Rembrandt of resumes... 4 interviews in 3 weeks, and the opportunities keep coming. I cannot express how satisfied I am with the value of his services.​

Multi-Unit Manager, Illinois

My new resume and updated LinkedIn resulted in an interview within the first week. I definitely recommend him if you’re looking for a way to highlight transferable skills to find a job outside retail.

Store Manager, Pennsylvania

I received the finished product and was more than pleased... within a day got a call from a recruiter of a company that I was targeting.​

Multi-Unit Manager, Maryland

Worth every penny. I've been contacted by several recruiters and talent acquisition managers wanting to connect, based only off my new, improved resume.​

Store Manager, California

Impressive is an understatement. I was able to secure employment at a company OF MY CHOOSING, that I specifically targeted, in a different industry.

General Manager, Georgia

...his turnaround time was less than 24 hours! I sent out new resume that evening and instantly received phone interviews. Definitely worth the investment!

Store Manager, Illinois

I posted it on Saturday and on Sunday I had contact from companies that had overlooked me in searches just weeks before. A quality resume absolutely made a difference!

Store Manager, Florida

I had applied to over 100 jobs in 7 months with not much luck. With the resume that Mike wrote, I submitted 20 some applications in 3 months, had 5 interviews and I just accepted a job that I’ve always dreamed of having!!​

Assistant Manager, Ohio

I have interviewed in a few other industries outside of retail and I know this only happened because of the way he writes the resume. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND him and he is worth his price!!!

District Manager, California

I had 6 interview calls within 2 days ...one of them was within 3 hours...

Store Manager, Pennsylvania

...two interviews in the last two weeks... I am beyond pleased with the results...​

District Manager, Illinois

Within hours of posting my resume, I started seeing results. Within 3 days, I had 3 interviews... I cannot think of a better return on an investment in my career!​

Store Manager, Florida

Within the first two weeks, I landed two interviews with the two companies I have been trying to get into for years.​

Store Manager, California

...the quality of the resumé empowered me... The initial offer did not meet my expectations, but I believed in my value and also believed my resumé demonstrated that. They came back to me with a substantially improved offer and I accepted. Thanks Mike!​​

District Manager, Connecticut

Thank you for a resume that caught the attention of 3 out of the 4 jobs I sent it to on the first day!​

General Manager, Florida

I am absolutely thrilled... Feedback from companies to whom I have been presented has been stellar... "Your resume is exceptional!"​

Multi-Unit Manager, Illinois

I have been contacted for dozens of interviews and even received multiple job offers, really allowing me to pick and choose my next employer. And this week I accepted a position with an amazing company that offered me a 40% increase over my current salary.

Store Manager, Nevada

The response that I have received from recruiters, interviewers, colleagues and friends after viewing my resume is, and I'm quoting..."WOW".​​

District Manager, California

Within the first 2 days of posting my resume, I've had multiple job offers...​

Assistant Manager, Illinois

​I have received numerous emails and phone calls already to set interviews... a tremendous boost to my career...​

Store Manager, Florida

I was out of work for a total of 11 days before I had to choose between multiple offers.

Store Manager, British Columbia

Michael's resume writing service is absolutely AWESOME! Every response that I receive from employers starts with "Your resume is extremely impressive!"​​​

Store Manager, Georgia

...the response has been amazing and I believe I have landed my next job!!!!​

Assistant Manager, New York

I am overwhelmed with the success of my new resume and the responses I have received...​​

Store Manager, Michigan

In the first week of using my new resume I had several interviews lined up. After two weeks I received several offers of employment!​​

Store Director, Florida

...his process is incredible... I've gotten 4 offers before even applying anywhere...​

Assistant Manager, Oregon

I've received raving reviews from every viewer and the turnaround of the response after I shoot it off to employers is like I've never seen.​

Store Manager, Illinois

My friends keep saying how amazed they are I'm getting interviews so often.

Store Manager, California

Shortly after updating... I was receiving more calls and my interviews felt like the company was much more interested... I received 3 offers at once...​

Store Manager, Colorado

Michael is everything you have read about on LinkedIn and then some.​

District Manager, Ontario

As a recruiter I see many resumes, but Michael's stand out... I am impressed...

National Retail Recruiter

Visit my LinkedIn profile and scroll down to the recommendation section for more.