I'd like to help you get more interviews and better job offers.​

As a professional resume writer, I create compelling, achievement-based resumes for retail field leaders in the United States and Canada, including assistant store managers, co-managers, store managers, district managers, and regional managers.

I've written resumes for thousands of retail leaders since 2005 and I have 500+ written recommendations on LinkedIn from clients and recruiters. I've listed a few below - check out my LinkedIn profile for more.

Here's a quick look at my qualifications and how I differ from other professional resume writers.

If you'd like a quote for a new resume, a free assessment of your existing resume, or simply have a question or two, send me an email and ​I'll get back to you ASAP:


Mike Howard

Professional Resume Writer

Client Testimonials

I have been contacted for dozens of interviews and even received multiple job offers, really allowing me to pick and choose my next employer.  And this week I accepted a position with an amazing company that offered me a 40% increase over my current salary.

Store Manager, Nevada 

...his process is incredible... I've gotten 4 offers before even applying anywhere...​

Assistant Store Manager, Oregon 

I posted my resume two days ago, and I already have two interviews. The morning after I posted it, I had voicemails that literally said "Your resume is FANTASTIC, please call us." This was definitely money well spent.​

Store Manager, Ohio 

I had 6 interview calls within 2 days ...one of them was within 3 hours...

Store Manager, Pennsylvania 

The quality of the resume empowered me... The initial offer did not meet my expectations, but I believed in my value and also believed my resumé demonstrated that. They came back to me with a substantially improved offer and I accepted. Thanks Mike!​​

District Manager, Connecticut 

I was out of work for a total of 11 days before I had to choose between multiple offers.

Store Manager, British Columbia 

Worth every penny. I've been contacted by several recruiters and talent acquisition managers wanting to connect, based only off my new, improved resume.​

Store Manager, California 

I am getting so many interview invitations that I had to start a calendar to keep me on track.

Store Manager, Florida

...two interviews in the last two weeks... I am beyond pleased with the results...​

District Manager, Illinois 

I posted it on Saturday and on Sunday I had contact from companies that had overlooked me in searches just weeks before. A quality resume absolutely made a difference!

Store Manager, Florida 

Within the first 2 days of posting my resume, I've had multiple job offers...​

Assistant Store Manager, Illinois 

I am absolutely thrilled... Feedback from companies to whom I have been presented has been stellar... "Your resume is exceptional!"​

Multi-Unit Manager, Illinois 

...the response has been amazing and I believe I have landed my next job!!!!​

Assistant Store Manager, New York 

I have interviewed in a few other industries outside of retail and I know this only happened because of the way he writes the resume. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND him and he is worth his price!!!

District Manager, California 

​I have received numerous emails and phone calls already to set interviews... a tremendous boost to my career...​

Store Manager, Florida 

Thank you for a resume that caught the attention of 3 out of the 4 jobs I sent it to on the first day!​

General Manager, Florida 

I am overwhelmed with the success of my new resume and the responses I have received...​​

Store Manager, Michigan 

...the Rembrandt of resumes... 4 interviews in 3 weeks, and the opportunities keep coming. I cannot express how satisfied I am with the value of his services.​

Multi-Unit Manager, Illinois 

The response that I have received from recruiters, interviewers, colleagues and friends after viewing my resume is, and I'm quoting..."WOW".​​

District Manager, California 

Within hours of posting my resume, I started seeing results. Within 3 days, I had 3 interviews... I cannot think of a better return on an investment in my career!​

Store Manager, Florida 

My new resume and updated LinkedIn resulted in an interview within the first week. I definitely recommend him if you’re looking for a way to highlight transferable skills to find a job outside retail.

Store Manager, Pennsylvania 

I received the finished product and was more than pleased... within a day got a call from a recruiter of a company that I was targeting.​

Multi-Unit Manager, Maryland 

In the first week of using my new resume I had several interviews lined up. After two weeks I received several offers of employment!​​

Store Director, Florida 

I've received raving reviews from every viewer and the turnaround of the response after I shoot it off to employers is like I've never seen.​

Store Manager, Illinois 

Impressive is an understatement. I was able to secure employment at a company OF MY CHOOSING, that I specifically targeted, in a different industry. 

General Manager, Georgia 

Within the first two weeks, I landed two interviews with the two companies I have been trying to get into for years.​

Store Manager, California 

I had applied to over 100 jobs in 7 months with not much luck. With the resume that Mike wrote, I submitted 20 some applications in 3 months, had 5 interviews and I just accepted a job that I’ve always dreamed of having!!​

Assistant Store Manager, Ohio 

My friends keep saying how amazed they are I'm getting interviews so often.

Store Manager, California 

...his turnaround time was less than 24 hours! I sent out new resume that evening and instantly received phone interviews. Definitely worth the investment!

Store Manager, Illinois 

Michael's resume writing service is absolutely AWESOME! Every response that I receive from employers starts with "Your resume is extremely impressive!"​​​

Store Manager, Georgia 

Shortly after updating... I was receiving more calls and my interviews felt like the company was much more interested... I received 3 offers at once...​

Store Manager, Colorado 

Michael is everything you have read about on LinkedIn and then some.​

District Manager, Ontario 

As a recruiter I see many resumes, but Michael's stand out... I am impressed...

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